Online Shopping is Booming:

As we fall in the category of third world country. We are an underdeveloped state but this doesn’t challenge our online industry. Online shopping is booming in Pakistan rapidly. As the 21st century commenced the trend of online shopping increased year by year. Now people have become completely lethargic to go to the shopping malls and buy stuff from there. Online shopping has created ease and accessibility for people to buy stuff from all around the world online.

Online shopping is booming is a blessing for some people, but it has its own advantages and disadvantages. Not all the classes prefer shopping online. Because if we talk about the middle class people, they don’t have smart phones from where they can view different websites. Moreover, they don’t have enough knowledge about shopping online. As for them they earn money for a living, for food and clothing they don’t find it feasible to spend money on delivery charges. When we go into a shopping mall there are chances that we bargain and then buy the product while on the other hand online shopping websites don’t allow you to bargain, they have fixed prices.

Online Shopping for Men & Women:

The ratio of both men and women, women have the larger ratio of buying products online. As they get attracted with the designs, embroideries, fashion accessories and jewelry items that they are forced to buy those things online. Furthermore, there are a number of women who have started selling their products online. From makeup accessories to jewelry items, many young girls have created their personal accounts of social media, where they sell their products worldwide. So we can see a pool of eCommerce websites, when we are searching for a product.

In the past it was so difficult to buy imported products as if somebody had gone to that place could only bring it, but now the ease of online shopping has made accessibility for people to buy products from any corner of the world. Moreover, some companies offer free delivery after a certain amount of shopping. All this is a blessing for those who cannot travel and buy their favorite products online. Some people buy food, clothes, and gadgets from a different country, because they love that brands. Few days of delivery allows people to shop more and fill their homes with online products.

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It wasn’t easy to buy medicines before as a person, who was ill had to search for the medicines in different pharmacies. But now the scenario has changed from young ones to old-aged people can buy their medicines and pay online. They don’t have to travel anywhere and buy that medicine. Before our grandparents asked us to buy medicines for them, but now they can shop on their own. Online payment options have made our lives easy.

Disadvantages of Online Shopping is Booming:

However, some of the middle class people spend money on online shopping, but they don’t completely rely on shopping from the websites. This market of online shopping is just for the people, who have other important work than going to the shopping malls and buying products. Although online websites grab immense attention of people from different websites. Moreover, people get diverted when they are using social media, Ad-words and pop ups on certain websites distract people from doing a certain task and then they land on a page which is of no use to them.

Though some people have ample of issues with buying products online in Pakistan. Bad experiences result in loosing trust in online shopping. We have heard that our fathers and mothers complain that why do you buy online when you are not satisfied with your products. When buying clothes people get attracted by the visual images that are displayed on the websites, but when the order received. It is a completely different product. Many companies have lost a lot of customers due to this reason. Few of the very famous websites have created such issues, because of their fame no one complains. To gain the trust of the customers is quite a big thing. Because if you deliver the best quality product to one of your customers. You get more chances of grabbing more customers through them.

Some websites show fake feedback, which is against the law. People who trust such feedback, loose trust in online shopping, and never turn to that website again.

Advantages of Online Shopping is Booming:

Many advantages of online shopping is allows one to compare products online. When we are in a supermarket, or malls. We don’t have time to go into each single shop, and outlet to ask their price, and check their products, we just choose a shop select our products and come out. While on the other hand online shopping allows one to visit several websites to choose different colors, brands, designs, and pick a piece according to your desire. This can be done in a few minutes on mobile phones or a laptop. And if you do the same in a shopping mall your entire day is occupied by buying a single product.

Juniba is Booming in Pakistan:

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