The word fashion is described as the Concept. We can also understand the terms of fashion as the inner creativity or invention and creation of human mind. In the current century, the concept of online shopping and fashion among whole world is changing regionally whether it is less noticeable, unusual or big change. Some areas in the world have changed their fashion concepts by the time some are adding or subtracting little things from their fashion trends and traction and most are those who know their priorities, the core culture and the heritage. It is not necessary that someone should follow the newly introduced trends of fashions but they could carry and pursue that fashion which suits on him. And this is also not must that one should carry or follow the heavier, expensive, out of the range, concepts of fashion or trends which are commonly using in his surroundings as you read in initial lines of article that fashion is the concept which could be the presentation of any singular or more persons and can be known as the reflection of culture, traditions, and heritage of that society. When we describe fashion, there are two major categories in fashion that are about men and women.

Men’s fashion in all over the world are usually maximum same whether in formal or in casual. Men’s fashion in every region or country can be little differentiate by their culture touch or some particular accessories by their heritage and trends of their society. Also, the men’s fashion is totally same in some western areas as well as eastern areas have their own rules and traditions in mean normal days and events. Likewise, that in eastern culture there are some commonly using accessories with clothes which are known as Islamic cap and head Islamic scarf for men and long kameez with trousers. Although the other specialties with clothes are same as the whole world or we can say modernized world. While the western culture of men’s fashion has their own rules of clothing that are also the internationally official wear now a days in the world.

But the other side of discussion, the sense of fashion and the exposure of variations in fashion is way too vast in range of women’s fashion all over the world. In every country there are some separate rules and trends of women’s fashion by their religious views, by their living styles, by their concepts of the movement of women in societies. Also, the women use the large different types of cosmetics, make up material to be look good and to make their outfit relocatable with face and bodies. Women in western culture have some same features from men like coat jeans, t-shirts, shirts etc. also there is very common to wear the skirts and tops usually in casual and sometimes in event or in formals too. All over the world women usually wear clothes and carry fashion by regional concepts, but maximum number of women follow their regional concept of suiting as well as in eastern countries. In eastern countries women also carry the outer gown known as Abaya and also wear hijab on head because of regional basis. It is coming in fashion now. The abayas are also starting to be some trendy as fashion wear. But the uses of makeup material of women are totally same in everywhere around the world with some little differences in application of it. Now let’s talk about some their things, which women now starts to use them as in fashion like some gadgets. Also, the accessories of mobile phones are introducing now as the main part of fashion in women to carry the mobile phones in hands this newly concept is getting more popular that our mobiles accessories have to be suits with your current appearance. That is why the demand of those types of mobile accessories (like mobile covers, the headphones set, the mobile holder ring and mobile pouch) is raising very fast because of using that types of mobile accessories in fashion. Today the mobile phones or any gadget’s covers and some relatable products seems that if it will be some fashionable or stylish so it would help to fulfill more fashion variations in appearance.

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