Eid Collection for Men and Women:

The month of Ramadan is going to be end soon around the world. People from everywhere now are preparing themselves for upcoming Muslim’s religious event, which is Eid. In Pakistan there are lots of trends often revolves around Eid and start from Eid, most of brands and sellers launch their products for Eid collection at online shopping store in Pakistan. As they do in many other seasons or occasions. When we talk about the trends and fashions of women, there is very large scale of discussing the fashion and trends of women. The market and fashion expertise are way too larger than men’s fashions. Man also peruse the fashion in the Pakistani cultural with their traditional things on Eid. As we know that the Pakistani men cultural wear or we can say tradition of Pakistan for men is Shalwar Kameez.

As the fashion industry is growing in Pakistan the variety and variations in shalwar Kameez can also be seen. Like before a decade there is very huge concept of wearing shalwar kameez on Eid while the public has to divert from shalwar kameez to Kurta Shalwar. Kurta is the new style of Shalwar Kameez or we could say that we have modernized the trend of Shalwar Kameez in Kurta Shalwar, with some bright colors, textures, prints, designs etc. Kurta also looks classier that is why the demand of Kurta is raising in new generation day by day. But the actual worth of Shalwar Kameez is also there as it was. Peoples of old age and villages still prefer the shalwar kameez and kurta shalwar. Beside clothing, the men also use some accessories in a fashion which is like wrist watches, shoes, sandals, glasses, Wallets, Belts, and much more at Juniba.

Wrist Watch:

Wrist watches:

Wrist watch is the most famous and demand-able product in men’s fashion. Men uses it as fashion or see the time as well. But the styles of wrist watches of men are in big collections. Pakistan have very large market for high quality brands of watches and lower quality products related wrist watches as well, with the differences of pricing ratio, designing concept, material etc. Some peoples (those who can afford) they prefer the high quality and some famous brands of the world. While the majority which are nearly the poverty or we can say the middle class of Pakistan affords the lower price watches to keep on carry their fashion in mean budget.

Eid Collection for Men’s Shoes:


The trend of shoes with shalwar kameez and kurta shalwar on Eid has rising very fast since last few years in Pakistan. Some men of every age and every area of Pakistan now suiting their cultural attire with shoes and also the shoes with kurta shalwar and kameez shalwar is being using in some other events as marriages, parties, and other cultural, traditional, formal, or religious events.




Eid Collection for Sandals:

Pakistan is well known and very famous country for making sandals and using it as well. Pakistan is exporting Sandals from all over the world now a days. In the villages of Pakistan, the men still demands and love to wear the sandals in normal days, occasions, and Eid specially. They hardly use other accessory for foots, like shoes etc. Sandals are very old and famous in Pakistani cultural, and still is being using in some region as their main suiting.



Eid Collection for Glasses:


In Pakistan, the trend and concept of wearing glasses in (or adding it in fashion formally or casually) among every age of peoples. The people of some particular class used the glasses as in regular fashion as well as casual fashion, but now as the time has changed and through internet peoples are very much aware about some world’s standards of men’s fashion. They have put the glasses in their daily use in life as well as in fashion both.





In Pakistan the concept of carrying wallets among men is very old. Peoples of almost every era have been used to carry out the wallets with them. Wallets have very huge industries on small scales in Pakistan. Which are manufacturing wallets and exporting worldwide their products too. Although, the sale of wallets is on daily basis in whole country, but by doing a survey the report has said that most of peoples usually change their wallets on Eid. Because of that the demand and supply of men’s wallets goes high on just before the occasion of Eid.



Belts are now paying the major part in growing of leather industries in Pakistan. Maximum amount of revenue generated by leather industry which produces the belt, shoes, and many other goods from it, and paying the contribution to strong the nation’s economy. Also, the men’s belts in Pakistan are most important accessories, which is commonly more likely to use among men and favorite to carry for them.




Polo Shirts:Polo T-shirts:

The using of polo shirts in Pakistan is the very common. The Pakistan is the very huge market for polo t-shirts. The demand of polo shirt is at large scale on all the “A” category consumers and also usually sell in some small origin as well. The reason behind the high demand of polo t-shirt is the fine and best quality of stuff using in manufacturing. Which is the very comfortable to carry in summers and casual wearing in all seasons.

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