There are many national events we celebrate every year but 14th August holds an incomparable importance for each and every Pakistani. On this huge day, we got freedom and broke the chains of slavery. It took almost a century to emerge as a separate sovereign state on the world map. There were so many sacrifices our ancestors had given for this freedom. Members of Azadi Movement work pretty hard for this blessing and due to this hard work now we are able to live freely in an independent state where we can lead our life according to the teachings of Islam. Indeed, it is a great blessing.

Have you all remember the time when in school days just as the Azadi month arrives, we all get excited and knew that now it’s a time to get prepared for Azadi celebrations. It is not a matter of age; it is a matter of patriotism. Although now we all are grownups but the zeal and enthusiasm still remains the same. Whether you are a 15-year-old school going child or a 70-year-old retired person, the feelings of patriotism is same and mutual. Schools and colleges arrange Independence Day programs in which children, students participate in debate competitions, cultural tableau, parades, and singing competitions in which children sing national songs. Different programs are on aired on electronic media as well as published on print media so that patriotic spirits remain alive in us. Above all social media, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter also plays its significant role in fostering and boosting patriotism. As 14th August come near, celebration fever is touching the heights of the sky.

Here are 14 things every eyewitness on 14th of August every year:

Heartfelt National Songs:


National songs always act as a magic wand in promoting patriotism. These are felt as sweet to ears as honey is. Every Pakistani love to hear as these songs is a symbol of unity. Start of the month these songs are heard by us in every alcove and breach. From barber’s shop to cyclist, these songs are on repeat. Indeed national songs act as a pre-requisite in evoking true emotions and inculcating a sense of affinity and loyalty.


Aura of Green and White:


Azadi celebrations are nothing without green and white dresses. Turning each and everything into green and white is a true essence of celebration. From clothes to bags, shoes, hotels, public and private buildings everything is wrapped in green and white. This feels very soothing to eyes. Even the logos of TV channels and websites are changed into green and white from 1st of August. Hence you spot whole 14 days in these colors

Independence Day Programs:

The early morning of 14th August starts with guard of honors that are given to our national heroes on their tombs. Additionally, flag-hoisting ceremony is also arranged at Wagah Border, Lahore where thousands of people take part. Other programs are also arranged in schools, colleges, universities to celebrate this national event with full zeal.


Independence day firework

Yes, we are Pakistanis and we know that how to celebrate our freedom day. When it gets 12’o clocks, all you will hear noisy and loud firecrackers. This the way we celebrate our Independence Day with full enthusiasm.

Decorating Homes with Jhandiya:


From 3 year old to 30-year adult, everyone wants to decorate their homes, bikes, cycles, and cars with jhandiya as it is the most important thing. We all want to show off our patriotism to people around us and for this, we do everything forgetting one of the biggest flag on the top of the roof.

Boys Everywhere:

Yes, do not forget that this is the day when all pindi boys are set to the roads with bikes taking their silencers out. This is their way of showing their patriotism. You will witness this in upcoming Azadi day, as Azadi fever will be so high among youngsters


Lights everywhere:


Just say goodbye to your laziness and plan a ride around the city along with family to see the buildings that are decorated with colorful eye-catching lights. Mostly the lights are in green and white color. The day is very near when you all feel ambiance of freedom.

Face Painting:


Everyone gets crazy about face painting on the day of 14th August. Each of us wants to get our faces painted with green and white flags. You can easily do this by going to various stalls. People who are more conscious about their skin but want to paint their face can go for sticker tattoos also.

Visiting Quaid’s Tomb:


People of Karachi always visit tomb of Quaid e Azam, as it becomes a part of tradition.



There are different stalls on this day having variety of handmade accessories such as bracelets, hair bands, and different stylish caps with graphics on them. These all accessories are in green and white. If you want to make your independence day exciting, you must visit these stalls.



Badges makes your look complete. Whatever you wear, a casual shalwar kameez or a designer t-shirt, a badge is an accessory that will enhance your Azadi appearance.

Traffic Jams:

Traffic Jams:

No offence but yes you all will experience a huge traffic jam on coming 14th August as everyone will come out from their homes to celebrate Independence Day. So brace yourself to tolerate huge traffic jams.




It is now a tradition to celebrate Independence Day by cutting a 14th August themed cake. All the bakeries take part in celebration by baking these cakes. You can order them easily or bake them for your family and friends in home.



14 august media

Print, electronic and social media is always there to make us update about celebrations. Different dramas and movies about partition are on aired on this day just to make us realize how important independence is.

So keep yourself prepared for this upcoming 14th August and do everything patriotic needs to do on Independence Day celebrations.

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